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Salon treatments vs home treatments

Beauty treatments can be undertaken at home so why should you visit a salon ? 

Salon Treatments 

By visiting a salon you are putting yourself into the hands of a fully trained therapist who has the knowledge to help you decide the right treatment and products needed for all your concerns.  

Your therapist is able to give you samples of suggested products to ensure they are suitable for your skin type 

The salon has professional products and equipment that cannot and should not be used at home 

A salon provides a quiet, relaxing and calming atmosphere where you are able to enjoy some ‘me’ time – essential for your well-being.  

The biggest disadvantage of a salon is the higher costs involved but in the end that is a small price to pay for expert advice and care. 

Home Treatments 

the main reason many people decide to do their own beauty treatments at home is cost.    However this can also prove expensive if you choose a product you have seen advertised but it doesn’t suit your skin type or is the wrong colour – resulting in being simply thrown away!

Another reason is time – with everyone having busy lives it would appear quicker and easier to simply stay at home.  However with children (or husbands/partners ) at home – time is never your own and you simply can’t achieve the relaxation experienced in a salon.  

Some treatments are not ‘pain free’ – waxing for example – and you simply cannot remove those hard to reach hairs – resulting in a half-finished job .

Whichever you decide – salon or home treatments – always take the time to keep your hands, feet and skin in healthy condition and make sure you look and feel good about yourself.


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