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Skin Rejuvenation IPL

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Intense Pulsed Light system which is safe and effective. The technology works by emitting a high energy light similar to a laser which targets red veins and dark pigmentation areas.

Pigmentation & Sun Damage - Full Face
From £100.00

The full face is treated with our IPL light, areas of concern are concentrated on.

Pigmentation & Sun Damage - Neck
From £65.00

The neck area is treated with our IPL light, concentrating on areas of concern.

Pigmentation & Sun Damage - Décolleté & Neck
From £120.00

The decollete and neck area are treated with our IPL light.

Age Spots - Hands
From £75.00

The hand area is treated, concentrating on areas of concern.

Acne - Full Face & Back
From £100.00

A full face and back treatment to treat acne.

Rosacea - Full Face
From £100.00

Full face treatment concentrating on areas of concern.

Thread Veins - Above the Heart
From £50.00

Thread veins on the face, upper back and decollate can be treated.

Bespoke Facial

45 Minutes to target as many areas as possible.


Combining the O2 Lift with Intense Pulsed Light treatment for a beautiful glow.


How does the Ellipse IPL Light work for Skin Rejuvenation?
What skin conditions can be treated?
How many treatments are needed for the best results?

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