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Gel nails vs a regular manicure?

Everyone loves to pamper themselves and when we are short on time a manicure simply does the trick. 

At The Maple Tree we would say a manicure is essential ‘me’ time as well as overall maintenance of the nails.

Nowadays there are two choices when it comes to polish, Gel or traditional. These both come with pros and cons.

Gel Polish


  • A gel manicure lasts a lot longer than regular polish, If looked after up to 2 weeks.
  • There is no drying time. Each layer is cured under an LED lamp, meaning you leave the salon with dry nails.
  • Chipped or smudged nails very rarely happen with gels


  • Removal is not as easy as normal polish, the gel needs to be buffed slightly then wrapped in foil with gel remover and left to soak.
  • If removed incorrectly there may be some damage to the nail.

Regular Polish


  • Changing colour is simple, wipe off the current colour and apply a new one.


  • Nail polish takes forever to dry, so if you are in a rush it isn’t for you!
  • It chips! If you are hard on your hands it may chip after one day.
  • It doesn’t last as long, the longest you will get from it is 3-4 days


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