Winter Skincare Routine



CLEANSE using micellar water or oil to wake your skin up, soothe and hydrate. If you opt for the water, use a damp cotton pad and gently massage the face in light circular motions and blot the excess with a tissue. To use the oil, apply to your face with dry hands and massage it into your skin. Wet your hands and continue to massage the oil before removing with damp cotton pads or a warm flannel, blot dry and tone.


USING an aromessence serum apply 3 drops to your fingers and lightly tap over your face. It probably wont feel like enough product but trust me, its plenty!


APPLY a rice grain size amount of eye cream around your eyes. Make sure you are only applying to the bone around the eyes as if you get too close to the delicate skin it may go puffy where too much cream has been applied to skin that is a lot thinner to the rest of your face. At the moment I am loving the Aurabsolu eye cream. A great pick-me-up for tired eyes and reduces dark circles.


MOISTURISE your whole face using a hydrating cream that your skin will really thank you for! This time of year your skin can get really dry and dehydrated from all of the inside heating so the Intense Nutrition Cocoon Cream is a fab option.


LAST but not least, SPF!! It may be cold but the UV rays are still out there so keep on protecting your skin.



CLEANSE using the 3 in 1 mousse. Trust this product to dissolve away make up and deep cleanse your skin, leaving you with a clear and smooth complexion. Work a small amount of mousse into a lather with water in the palm of the hands and apply to your face. Massage into your skin in circular motions and remove with a warm flannel and tone.


APPLY your preferred eye cream as you did in the morning, followed by one of our favourite Decleor Night balms! At night, the skins cells are repaired and regenerated so what better way to give your skin what it needs than a 100% natural balm to leave your skin smooth, radiant and refreshed. Warm a small amount in the palm of your hands and apply to your face and neck in light sweeping strokes. Ta Daa.



Twice a week, work into your routines exfoliating your skin followed by a rich hydrating mask. Phytopeel is a great exfoliate to opt for and the Hydra Floral hydrating and plumping mask is a skin savior!


Happy Winter!

See you soon.







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