Which Facial Should I Choose?


Not sure on which facial will best suit you? I have picked out the concerns that I hear the most from my clients and explained which facial will suit each worry.


Your skin will be in need of a real hydration and moisture boost so opt for a Decleor Mini Hydrating Glow Facial if you are on a tight time schedule. This is a 30 minute facial using the products specifically for your skin, putting the moisture back in and relieving any tightness. If you have a bit more time on your hands then the Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial is a divine choice. Using rich serums and balms in pressure point and drainage massage, treating your skin and relieving stress. The mask used in this facial  is 100% natural, fueled with the power to visibly see a change in your skin, resulting in a beautiful hydrated glow.



Your skin will be in great need of a deep clean and exfoliation. Crystal Clear offer a microdermabrasion which targets your congested pores using the power of very fine crystals being pushed into your skin and drawn back out with a suction motion. This unblocks your pores, removes black heads and gives you flawless skin in an instant! If you wanted more of a relaxing facial then Decleor Aroma Expert Facial would be a perfect option as we would use a specific mask and ylang ylang products.


There are a few options for you to choose from depending on the concern area. If you suffer from lack of elasticity around your neck, jaw line and eyes then opt for a CACI Jowl and Eye-lift.  Using micro-current this re-educates and trains your muscles. Think of it as a work out for your face. You will see best results after having a course of 12 (2 a week) followed by maintenance treatments one every 4-6 weeks.

However, if your concerns lye more with your skin then the facial for you would be the Crystal Clear COMCIT ( Cryo Oxygen Micro Channeling Induction Therapy). Tiny needles create channels into the deepest layer of your skin which serum can travel down so that your skin is treated from the deepest layer. Oxygen is then used to help lift and plump followed by a mini lift mask to heal your skin and encourage collagen production. I recommend a course of 6 treatments (one every 2 weeks) followed by maintenance treatments one every 4-6 weeks.


I hope this has helped you decide on your next visit to us. If you have any other skin concerns that I have not covered then please give us a call so we can guide you more in which facial you will benefit from the most.

See you soon.

Clare x

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