Top 10 Make Up Tips


I have put together 10 make up tips and tricks to help your make up last longer, look clean and create illusions. Here they are;


1. Use a primer before applying any make up to create an even base for your foundation and to help it last longer.



2. When you apply concealer under the eye, create an upside down triangle with the wand and blend, (inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye and down to the apple of the cheek). This ensures full coverage to any dark circles and acts as a beautiful highlighter.



3. After applying lipstick, line the outer edges with concealer to make the lips pop and prevent any lipstick from bleeding.



4. After filling in your brows use a brow gel or clear mascara to comb through and set into place.

brow gel


5. Conceal around your brows using an angled brush to leave the shape looking clean and super sharp.



6. Use a gold or silver highlight in the inner corner of your eyes to leave you looking fresh and awake.



7. Apply a lip balm or conditioner a few minutes before applying lipstick to create a supple lip and a soft base.



8. For fuller looking lips use a darker shade all over the lip and a lighter shade of the same colour focused on the center and finish with a gloss.

mii i


9. To create a matte lipstick look, apply translucent powder over lips after lipstick has been applied. Voilá!



10. For longer lasting lipstick, apply translucent powder to the lips after the first coat of lipstick by holding a tissue over the lips and lightly dusting the powder through the tissue. Then apply a light second coat of lipstick over the top!


I hope these tips have helped you out. See you soon!





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