Eyelash Extensions – Care Guide


To all of our lovely lash clients and to anyone considering eyelash extensions, here are my top tips on caring for your lashes.

1. Ensure your lashes are clean and make up free when you come in for your first full set appointment and your infill appointments.


2. Avoid applying mascara to your extensions. If you are tempted, only apply the mascara to the tops of the lashes as the mascara can clump up the glue and lashes. Do be aware that wearing mascara over the extensions may cause them to drop out quicker either from where you are removing the make up at the end of each day resulting in a weakened bond or alternatively from not removing the mascara you are creating a build up and weighing the lashes down, weakening them.


3. Only use oil free products on your eyes as oil can break the glue bond.


4. Avoid waterproof or hard to remove eye make up products that lead to excessive rubbing causing the lashes being pulled out.

5. Do not rub, pick or pull at your lashes.. you could end up pulling out your own!


6. Comb through your lashes each morning with an eyelash brush as they can sometimes get a bit tangled from being slept on.


7. Be aware of your natural lashes underneath and accept  advice from your therapist if they recommend you having a break.


8. Understand that every 6 weeks you may find you lose more lashes than usual. This is due to the growth cycle of your natural lashes.


9. Know your timings- 20 minute infill = once a week, 30 minute infill = every 10 days, 40 minute infill = fortnightly. If you have lost the majority of your lashes and are only booked in for 20/30 minute infill it will not be the same result as a full set appointment.


10. Try to keep your lashes as dry as possible and avoid water for 24 hours after each appointment.


Most importantly – ENJOY your lashes and feel beautiful!

See you all soon.



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