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Intense Pulse Light Treatment Skin Rejuvenation – (Price per session)

**A consultation is required a minimum of 48hours prior to treatment which is redeemable against your booking**


Pigmentation & Sun Damage 

Our skin ages due to sun exposure and decreased production of collagen. Ellipse treatments of sun damaged skin (Skin Rejuvenation or Photorejuvenation) help you keep a younger and fresher look. 


Our bodies produce a hormone called androgen, which stimulates our sebaceous glands to produce an oily substance called sebum. An overproduction of sebum can block pores, trapping the oil. Skin bacteria (P.acnes) that feed on and break down sebum also become trapped, and the mixture of hair protein, sebum, and fatty acids produced by the bacteria irritate the walls of the hair follicle causing inflammation. 


Ellipse offers the ability to treat Rosacea with a single Selective Waveband Technology pass. With Selective Waveband Technology you can treat Rosacea successfully and with high comfort for your patients. The Rosacea treatment procedure removes facial superficial vessels, and as a result dramatically decreases or completely eliminates facial redness. Over time the skin’s appearance will gradually and naturally improve.

Thread Veins 

You no longer have to worry about your facial thread veins. These thin vessels (called telangiectasias) around your nose or on your cheeks are small blood vessels near the surface o the skin, often formed as a result of sun exposure. They sometimes occur in an area of more general redness.

Pigmentation & Sun Damage Full Face From £100.00
Pigmentation & Sun Damage Neck From £65.00
Pigmentation & Sun Damage Décolleté & Neck From £120.00
Age Spots Hands From £75.00
Acne Full Face & Back From £100.00
Rosacea Full Face From £100.00
Thread Veins Above the Heart From £50.00
Bespoke Facial 45 Minutes to target as many areas as possible £150.00
Spotlight Facial Combining the O2 Lift with Intense Pulsed Light treatment for a beautiful glow £150.00
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